Modern fire fighting in the comfort of traditional design.

65%* more efficient water consumption with

improved fire fighting.


Bespoke Fire Vehicles

FireBug continues to enhance our range of bespoke fire

fighting solutions, with the addition on the high quality

plastic fire vehicle bodies.



…a water mist fire skid designed to your specification


WaterMist technology


By applying low pressure fine water droplets, known

as “WaterMist” over, around and into the flame, our

WaterMist technology suffocates the fire.



Fire fighting nozzle manufactured in the UK by FireBug, offers water mist technology for modern fire fighting in a branch form.


Quality in a service or product is not just about what we put into it. It is what our customer gets out of it.


Our technology harnesses pulse-water engineering to create low-pressure, super fine mist to extinguish a fire and cool the substrate

Welcome To FireBug.

FireBug are UK fire fighting equipment manufacturers, using high technology disruptive water mist technology. Our equipment offers fire fighter safety with a reduced water consumption.

The launch of the MistNozzle introduces a new dimension in fire fighter safety and efficiency. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, using tried and tested micron technology, the MistNozzle encapsulates science in order to provide ultimate extinguishing and cooling with unrivalled levels of fire fighter safety. Not only does the MistNozzle provide safety, rapid cooling and extinguishing it is also the most water efficient nozzle on the world market today, approximately 65% more efficient than other comparative nozzles.

Designed to be intuitive, the MistNozzle has one-click switch-function technology, allowing the transition between Jet Mode and WaterMist Mode to be instantaneous and easy minimising room for error and ensuring safe mode selection.

The plug-and-go functionality of the MistNozzle works with most existing hose reels and has been specifically designed to be quick and easy to use; simply attach the hose, selecting the correct mode and open the nozzle – so instinctive that little or no training is required.

With water being a valuable resource the world over, the MistNozzle deliberately uses less water during operation. Studies have shown a significantly increased efficiency in water usage during like-for-like product trials; a product that protects the environment makes fire fighters safer and reduces operation s costs. The WaterMist absorbs 2257kj of energy per litre verse conventional technology absorbing 335kj per litre.

Using the powerful combination of science, design and technology the ST15 competently combats the effects of smoke within the fire environment, providing an impressive and unique solution to combat the effects of smoke scrubbing.

“Modern fire fighting in the comfort of traditional design. 65%* more efficient water consumption with improved fire fighting.”