Maverick the versatile robust Light Portable Pump (LPP) offering portable or fixed, effective low volume water mist or conventional high volume water flow..

The self priming,  petrol driven, remote controlled Maverick Light Portable high volume Pump is designed as a multi purpose Fire Fighting Pump either portable or permanently mounted to a vehicle or skid. It has the capability of running a 19mm Hose Reel or 1.5”Layflat Hose from either a tank, lifting water from  an open water source via a hard suction or operating from a pressure fed supply from a hydrant or floating pump.

Features and benefits

  • Self-priming high volume portable pump with advanced ergonomic design.
  • Remote controlled – giving easy use – the operator can control the water supply whilst being away from the pump.
  • Can be installed via skid system onto a range of vehicle promoting efficient ways of working.
  • Can work from a pressure fed supply, open water supply and/or tank fed supply.
    Twin outlet manifold with instantaneous couplings capable of delivering up to 400 LPM


  • Firefighting
  • Flood Defence
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Oil/Gas Industries
  • Industry/Commercial


Type: 4-stroke
Cylinders: Single-Cylinder
Engine type: Honda GX390
Authorised output: 10.3Kw (14ps)
Fuel type: No. 93 or No. above 93 unlead
Fuel tank: 6.5L
Consumption: 3.5L/H
Fuel System: Carburetor-manual choke
Lubrication: Splash lubrication
Lubrication oil type: SAE 10w-30 (Grade: SF\SG)
Oil Capacity: 0.9L
Start way: Recoil, Electric
Method of ignition:  DCI
 Priming water
Priming type:
Exhaust (Option: Vacuum Pump)
Max Suction depth: 7M
 Priming time:  ≤ 35 S
Type Single stage: Suction Dia 2.5’’ (65mm)
Suction thread: WOQIW/ WOQ Screw type
Outlet Dia: 1.5’’ (40mm)
Outlet thread: Screw type
Outlet quantity: 2
Outlet valve type: Ball valve
 Pump lift: 7M
 Rate Flow: 220L/min
 Rate Pressure  67
 Dry Weight
KG: 610 x 560 x 610
 • 60gpm (220L/min) @ 145PSI (10Bar)
• 105gpm (400L/min) @ 116PSI (8bar)
• 130gpm (500L/min) @ 87 PSI (6bar)


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