Water Mist is the only method in the world to extinguish all classes of fire using only water and no additives, ensuring a truly environmentally friendly solution..

Water mist firefighting equipment offers firefighter benefits including:

  • 100% environmentally friendly and responsible
  • Toxic-free agents for safe fire fighting
  • Designed for most fire risks, A, B, C, D*, E and F
  • Little or no collateral damage after discharge
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • No thermal shock or electrical conductivity resulting from discharge
  • Perfectly safe for use in highly populated locations, around or directly on humans and animals
  • Leaves almost no residue when applied to the fire due to evaporation
  • Safety for the user due to mist barrier / curtain between fire and operator. Small droplets result in heat absorption.
  • Safe on electrics up to 35kV

*Suitable for use on non-oxidising D class fires only. Contact us for further technical information.