The Mongoose Attack Misting System (MAMS)

The Mongoose Attack Misting System (MAMS) offers an innovative, safe and highly effective approach to fire suppression. The system comprises a revolutionary attack branch and a battery operated hole cutting drill. The battery operated hole cutting drill is utilised to gain access from a location remote from the fire compartment by breaching the structure, be that a wall, door or window etc; allowing introduction of the attack branch through the hole created. This relatively safer access to the compartment will permit deployment of an attack branch that utilises a highly efficient mist suppression system.

Once introduced into the compartment, this innovative system has been designed with operating parameters that ensure the correct kinetic energy to overcome the pressures created by the fire. Water mist droplets are transformed into steam by the heat which consumes energy, removes oxygen and consequently cools the fire gases inhibiting re-ignition.

Features and benefits

  • Optimum water mist droplet size and kinetic energy for effective cooling and extinguishing.
  • Easy plug and use functionally for quick fitting and use without the need for any engineering.
  • Safe and effective fire fighting from the outside of a compartment making it safer for fire fighters and providing opportunity for reduced crew.
  • Low pressure water mist operating off standard hose lines without requiring specialist pumps and hoses.
  • Integrates with low pressure fire pumps requiring no specialist engineering, integration maintenance.
  • Simple and easy to use requiring minimal training.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage.
  • Can operate on aerial platform’s without any special engineering.
  • Flexible length insertion lance allowing effective extinguishing through all recognised building constructions.
  • Suitable for fire fighting and extinguishing in a conventional methode too.
  • No additive or aggregate required for successful operation reducing cost and logistic challenges.
  • Ordinary water atomised reducing water consumption and collateral damage with less environmental impact.


Brand/Model: FireBug Mongoose Attack misting
System Material:  Hard Anodised High Temperature Aluminium Alloy
Optimum Operating Pressure: 6 – 8 bars
Flow: circa. 80 LPM
Inlet: 63.5mm instantaneous
Length: 1200mm
Weight: 4.2 kg


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