E Raptor

The worlds 1st electric 6 wheel utility vehicle.

The E-Raptor is designed and engineered as an environmentally friendly, reliable workhorse. It is especially designed to carry heavy workloads as required by industrial and agricultural users, whilst being versatile in on-road and off-road conditions. With Spiral Sprung Suspension Technology as standard, the E-Raptor can display excellent driving control whilst carrying its maximum load weight of up to 1200kg. The steering control is optimised to allow comfortable handling, minimal turning circle radius and excellent manoeuvrability. The E-Raptor is supplied with Intermediate tyres as standard however on-road and off-road tyres are available.

The E-Raptor is fully customizable by vehicle integrators and can be ordered in a suitable form to allow easy and safe customisation. The vehicle is designed to be highly customisable with add on or removable cab & Windscreen and rear bed. Available in Yellow or Red as standard and other colours on special request. Commonly customised into fire fighting vehicles, Medical Vehicles and Maintenance/ utility vehicles.

Features and benefits

  • High quality components
  • Reliable and trustworthy construction
  • Market leading warranty
  • Designed to be a rugged, hard working machine
  • Fit for purpose in industrial and agricultural sectors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly – Electric
  • Silent operation
  • Long battery life left hand drive
  • Futuristic engineering and design
  • Highest payload in the category
  • Lowest operating cost


Type: Electric
Dimensions: 3240mmx1600mmx1980mm
Drive: 4×6
Drive Train: Axle
Curb Weight: 300kg
Loading Weight: 600kg (1250kg untested)
Speed: 30km/h with load
Seats/Passenger: 2 bucket seats
Motor: Brushless D.C Motor
Voltage Rated: 60V/72V
Starting: Key Electric start
Power Rating: 3KW
Battery: Deep Cycle Battery 5/6×12
Full Battery: V80km
Charging: Regenerative Charging
Gearbox: Automatic
Transmission: Automatic
Suspension: Independent Front
Front Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake
Rear Brack: Hydraulic Drum Brake
Parking Brake: Hand Lever Rear Mechanical
Steering Gear: Rack & Pinion Steering Rack
Optional Extras: Front / Rear Towing Hook
Road Tyres
Grass Tyres
Off-road Tyres
Frequency Radio/CD/Mp3
Power Steering


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