“If you are an OEM or Fire Truck builder our fire fighting equipment range is designed for you”

The FireBug water mist equipment range is distributed through an elite group of fire truck builders (OEMs) and distributors globally. Working directly with the fire truck manufacturers ensures our fire extinguishing equipment are fitted to the vehicles correctly and offers a superb fire fighting advancement to your equipment.

What fire fighting equipment can we offer you?

FireBug offers a vast range of cutting-edge, water mist fire fighting equipment. When selecting the right fire and rescue apparatus, it’s worth noting the MistNozzle Maxi and Mini uses 65% less water than a standard fire fighting nozzles, designed and manufactured in Britain the high-quality product is a desirable and practical solution for all fire types.

Our range of floating pumps and strainers, which are unsinkable and designed for pumping water from flooded places, streams, ponds and hard-to-reach sources of water are readily available and offer lightweight, compact impact resistant polyethylene.

Our bespoke and fully customisable fire fighting vehicle bodies are built for pick-up trucks, as well as complete fire vehicles are lightweight, save on fuel costs, high impact resistant, chemical resistant, repairable, heat resistant and 100% recyclable.

Other equipment and fire and rescue apparatus in our range utilize our unique misting technology and aims to advance your product offering and set you apart from competitors.

Contact us to enquire how our water mist fire fighting equipment could enhance your product today.