Case Study ST15


In 2010 Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Services embarked on a four-year programme to make £4 million of savings. To achieve this the organization set about on a programme of transformation that was soon referred to as ‘the changing shape of Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service”

Risk types
The SERO vehicle is designed as a first response vehicle with front-line fire fighting equipment, used to tackle medium to large fires including: buildings / compartment fires, large skips, cars & much much more.

Mist technology was chosen by Chris Enness who saw the potential of misting technology used in sprinklers to be used by fire fighters at incidents. Various types of equipment were considered for issuing mist such as positive pressure ventilation fans and hose reel jet branches but they all had drawbacks. A partnership was formed between SFRS and FireBug Company to make this goal of mist in fire fighting a reality. It was clear that WaterMist was the right choice to enable a powerful fire suppression response using a smaller tank of water however a jet mode was essential to ensure versatility of the nozzle in the fire and rescue services.

Prototype branches were developed with a local engineering firm, and vigorous testing was carried out at SFRS headquarters for a period of almost 2 years.

The Maxi, originally named the ST15 aptly named after Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s headquarters postcode (and thought of by Lindsay Skelton the Internal Communications Officer at SFRS), is a high performance dual fire fighting branch offering either dense mist or water jet mode. It is able to fit onto all appliances, is easy to operate, uses considerably less water than a traditional truck, is environmentally friendly and is affordably priced.

“The development of this unique mist nozzle is a great testament to the shared goal of safer fire fighting utilising modern technology which is environmentally friendly. The results speak for themselves and we are proud of our association in realizing this dream.” Nick Link, CEO FireBug Company Ltd

“We are leading the way of the UK fire and rescue service with the ST15 branch which has been trialled, tested and developed here in Staffordshire. We are extremely excited to roll the product out and we are confident that it will revolutionise how we tackle fires in the future both here and across the rest of the globe.” Rob Barber, Director of Response, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.