What is a MistMax modular fire fighting skid unit?

What is a MistMax modular fire fighting skid unit?

MistMax fire fighting skid units by FireBug provide a world class fire fighting performance of a small first response vehicle in simple, portable and modular unist tailored to your specific fire risks for your UTV or smaller vehicle.

Modern fire fighting skid unit
The fire skid system encompasses an integrated water tank and FireBug technologywhich delivers powerful fine water mist with optimum kinetic energy for efficient fire fighting and minimal damage to property. The system also increases firefighter safety whilst extinguishing the majority of fires that occur in public places.
The fire fighting technology is based on a smaller version of the world leading FireBug Mist Nozzle which is used globally by many world class fire and rescue services. The system allows the firefighters or trained security personnel to respond quickly and easily without the use of a vehicle although the option to tow it or fix it to a golf cart or similar vehicle is available.  The system offers from 60L wheeled skid system to 250L, 500L, 750L water tank which will be sufficient in the majority of incidents providing five minutes of fire fighting in mist mode, however in the event that it requires more water the tank can be refilled by any water supply including a standard hose reel system, even while fire fighting is taking place.

“65% more efficient water consumption with improved fire fighting”

The fire skid is quick and easy to operate for most levels of personnel. Even junior personnel are able to operate the MistMax which has self explanatory instructions clearly visible on the front panel (available in multiple languages).
As with the operation of the MistMax, the fire fighting method is just as simple and efficient.  When in Mist Mode, the fine water mist will suffocate the flame and extinguish the fire  while protecting the fire fighter from radiant heat with a mist blanket.  The mist will extinguish most types of fires from flammable solids, flammable liquids, flammable gases, flammable oils and it is also safe for inadvertent use on electrical items.  The nozzle provides the option for a water jet mode which is usually only used to reach far to reach places and for damping down on deep seated fires. Switching between Mist and Jet modes is quick and seamless.
The system is manufactured by FireBug itself and uses best of breed, quality components. The MistMax is guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturers defects and requires minimal maintenance. It requires weekly visual inspection for battery level checks and basic condition monitoring.  Basic annual maintenance of the engine, pump, hose reel and nozzle is required.

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The system is particularly suitable for public areas such shopping malls, hotels, resorts, hospitals, schools and prisons where the facilitator requires quick first response across a vast area typically where firefighter vehicle access is limited or not possible, also suitable for bush fires and outdoor fires. Trained personnel of all levels can respond quickly and extinguish the majority of fires without further fire fighting capability being required.

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