Water mist, how it works & why ours is the best – in our own words!

If you want to find out how our water mist works, why it’s the best firefighting solution and how to use mist, our very own JP is likely to get on an aeroplane and come and discuss it further…

If you can’t wait until he’s in your corner of the world, here’s a brief description – the full bulky version (in person & in detail) is also available upon request. So for less than 2 minutes of your time, you can hear it from the man himself. All questions welcome: [email protected]

“Hi this is JP Backwell and I am a member of the FireBug team. Today I would just like to give you a brief description of our water mist solutions and its benefits:If you don’t know already FireBug designs and manufactures innovative firefighting solutions from vehicle bodies right through to couplings including a range of skid units and branches that deliver what we would call “the perfect water mist”

It’s important to realise that our water mist is completely unique to the Fire and Rescue market, with a droplet size of 50-75 microns allowing it to extinguish all types of fires including oil and liquids.

When this droplet size is combined with perfect kinetic energy and sufficient hang time, the water mist converts to steam and rapidly cools the fire, whilst the smaller droplets also cover a larger surface area, fighting the fire in the flame and not on the surface as with traditional high volumes of water.

Our competitors talk of similar “misting or fog” solutions yet deliver droplets which are often larger than 250 microns which are too heavy and unable to fight the fire in the flame, thus often also requiring foam or other additives to make an impact in multiple classes of fires.

Our lower pressure water mist solutions do not blow the flame around or cause damage to property or injury as is often the case with high-pressure solutions. FireBug’s water mist delivers up to a 75% water saving, provides superior cooling capability and yet still rapidly extinguishes most types of fires with water alone, and it does all this with little to no hazardous runoff. It’s a superior solution that needs to be seen to be believed.

Thanks for listening and If you would like to see our solutions in action, please feel free to contact us for a demonstration or view some of our videos on YouTube.