• Water mist, how it works & why ours is the best – in our own words!

    If you want to find out how our water mist works, why it’s the best firefighting solution and how to use mist, our very own JP is likely to get on an aeroplane and come and discuss it further… If you can’t wait until he’s in your corner of the world, here’s a brief description […]

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  • FireBug Company has made BBC news today

    ST15 'eco-mist' MistNozzle

    FireBug Company has made BBC new today with our new mist nozzle the ST15. The ‘eco-nozzle’ as they have called it was filmed in action and showcases what we’ve been up to for the last 18 months! Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Fire crews test ‘eco-nozzle’ 6 November 2014 Last updated at 15:25 GMT Firefighters in Staffordshire […]

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  • FireBug Company Announcement

    Fire Extinguishers

    Dear Customer, FIREBUG COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT: WITHDRAWAL FROM UK FIRE EXTINGUISHER MARKET FireBug would like to officially announce its withdrawal from the supply of Fire Extinguishers to the UK market. FireBug’s departure from the extinguisher market signals an exciting new chapter in the company’s current and future strategy. Focusing on unique WaterMist products both in the […]

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  • BacPac – fire protection at a festival near you this summer!

    RescueMax and BacPac at Glastonbury

    FireBug are proud to have supplied our BacPac product to both Glastonbury music festival and V-Festival this summer.

    Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue services protected Glastonbury and utilised both the BacPac and RescueMax and Staffordshire Fire & Rescue services were responsible for V-Festival and used the BacPac.

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