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  • Subaru world record attempt – we have them covered!


    Isle of Man TT races – we’ve got you covered! Subaru & Mark Higgins hold the word record of 117 mph and this next week we are looking for over 120 mph. The car will run during the TT week Sat 4th / Mon 6th / Wed 8th and Fri 10th to be scored by […]

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  • Water mist, how it works & why ours is the best – in our own words!

    If you want to find out how our water mist works, why it’s the best firefighting solution and how to use mist, our very own JP is likely to get on an aeroplane and come and discuss it further… If you can’t wait until he’s in your corner of the world, here’s a brief description […]

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  • Our fire fighting equipment range is growing – beware of copies!

    Dear Customer OUR FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT RANGE IS GROWING – BEWARE OF COPIES! The rollout and implementation of ST15 MistNozzle; our proprietary handheld misting nozzle, is gathering huge international momentum. We are seeing promising results from Southern & Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia and Asia. There is no doubt that this product is becoming a significant first […]

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  • Wild fires, fire fighters and volunteers – the dream team?

    Fire fighter and tortoise

    Wild fire season is in full force, with fire fighters and volunteers uniting surely this is the dream team of extinguishing? Some disagree. Hot off the press you’ll see amazing photos of large wild fires. To see photos of the magnitude of these fires is one thing, however to be a fire fighter on the […]

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