Practical ideas to help your fire fighters

Practical ideas to help support fire fighters with uncontrollable wildfires

With the never ending wild fires occurring across the globe, supporting your local fire fighters never seemed more important. But, as a regular citizen what can you do to make a difference? Is it just supplies, gear or is there more you can do?Donation ideas for fire fighters

A perfect example has been shown in CapeTown, South Africa recently with the worst wild fires in 15 years. Over 200 fire fighters at any time, fighting for as much as 5 days on end…exhausting just thinking about it.

During this time support has come from individuals, businesses, taxi firms and more. To thank a wonderful community for leading by example we have compiled some practical ideas for you.

practical list of things that you and your community can do, collect and help with include setting up designated areas for locals to drop off supplies such as:

  • 250ml Water bottles
  • Eye Drops
  • Sandwiches (individually wrapped, ready to eat type)
  • Tinned food ideally with lifting tops
  • AAA batteries
  • Paper plates
  • First aid equipment
  • Hand sanitises
  • Energy drinks
  • Energy bars
  • Sweets
  • Plastic / Paper bags (to pack the food parcels for the crew on the frontline)
  • Bandanas (to assist with breathing where equipment is low)

Other things you can do?

Okay so you’ve dropped off some sandwiches and don’t feel that it is enough? A tip for areas
suffering with large scale wildfires include reduce your own water consumption to allow reservoirs to maintain manageable operating levels.

Don’t go to the scene of the fire, rather co-ordinate with teams to drop items at a nearby collection point. The last thing they need to worry about is civilian safety at the scene of the fire. Get out, stay out and use a centralised area to leave the supplies.

Leave water bowls in your garden for the displaced wildlife.

And a no brainer – don’t’ cause a fire. Yep, the majority of all wildfires are caused by humans. Cigarettes, disposed bottles or litter thrown from vehicles etc. People are being named and shamed on social media for throwing cigarette butts out of a car while the fire fighters are battling to control flames. Think first.

Don’t forget the power of your money!

Yes, money talks. Donating whatever you can to your volunteer fire fighters or a fire fighter charity will go a long way. This money will be spent on training new crews, purchasing much needed equipment, servicing current equipment and more.

Stories of young children donating their pocket money to fire fighters as a way of saying thank you has touched hearts throughout the world, encouraging your children to appreciate the hard work the men and women do to keep us safe will not only make them aware of the world, but could plant a little seed for the fire fighters of tomorrow!

If you can think of anything else wether it’s advice or practical fire fighter supplies please contact us @FireBugGroup or email: [email protected] and let’s keep this list growing to help other communities around the world!