Customers can do any fire testing on our fire fighting nozzles however, a basic set of tests have been suggested for simplicity.

Please see the Demo checklist below:

Minimum requirements for Fire Demonstrations for Mini:

  • Firefighter with Protective clothing & Breathing protective devices (respirator or BA set)
  • Operational Pump set attached to water supply with an ideal flow capacity of +/-200Litres per minute at 15-25 bar.
  • Pump capable of maintaining 15-25 bar.
  • Depending on fire tests required 300-500Litres of water should be sufficient
  • Water tank/Supply should be filtered with standard filtration/ sieve etc. (to ensure as clean water as possible)
  • Ideally hose line 19mm – 25mm could be larger or smaller (Not lay flat hose)
  • Coupling to fit 3/4 BSPT to attach nozzle to hose (the Mist nozzle is a 3/4 BSPT Female)
  • Tools to attach the coupling
  • Safe Fire Fighting Area
  • Thermo imaging Equipment will be useful to see cooling effect
  • Temperature measuring equipment will be useful to see cooling effect
  • Safe Method to light the fuels for testing like blow torch, gas burner

Fire Testing (suggested)

Customer can do any fire testing he wishes however a basic set of tests have been suggested for simplicity.


Request a RescueMax demonstration.


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