FireBug offers a comprehensive range of military firefighting vehicles..

Fully customised, using the latest technology our products are hardwearing, modern, effective and up to the most challenging scenarios.


Designed to suit most military vehicles, our versatile skid ranges offer a portable water mist and jet firefighting solution for you.

MistMax features:

  • Compact design for fast response
  • Durable skid for all weather protection
  • Easy to operate for most levels of personnel
  • Revolutionary Mist / Jet nozzle
  • Quick & easy to refill and maintain
  • Proven pump & engine technology

WaterMist features:

  • Toxic-Free agents for safe fire fighting
  • 50 micron multi-purpose mist & foam nozzle
  • Designed for most fire risks, A, B, C, E & F
  • Little or no collateral damage
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • No thermal shock or electrical conductivity resulting from discharge
  • Totally safe to people and animals

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