FireBug Company has made BBC news today

FireBug Company has made BBC new today with our new mist nozzle the ST15. The ‘eco-nozzle’ as they have called it was filmed in action and showcases what we’ve been up to for the last 18 months! Staffordshire Fire and Rescue

Fire crews test ‘eco-nozzle’

6 November 2014 Last updated at 15:25 GMT

Firefighters in Staffordshire are testing a new type of nozzle designed to reduce the amount of water needed to tackle fires.

Developed in the county, the nozzle uses just a third of the amount of water typically used by crews.

Fire officer Dermot Hogan said the “water mist” hose could allow firefighters to do the job “safer and better”.

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Another extremely successful Factory Acceptance Test for a new Customer on a refurbished Scania. Great job by the FireBug UK team. #firebuggroup #fire #Firefighting #nozzle #fightingvehicle #OEM #fireandrescue #services #fireservices #globalservice #FireBug #maintenance…

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