An All-Terrain, All-Weather, All-Fire Class, First Response Compact Fire Vehicle.

RescuMax JCB Harnessing leading water mist technology in the fight against fires and excelling in situations where there is limited or no access, the RescueMax is a perfect, cost effective, first response fire fighting vehicle, ideal for urban and rural locations. JCB WORKMAXTwo leading quality technologies; one first-class JCB WORKMAX all terrain fire response vehicle, one low pressure WaterMist fire suppression system, combined to create the revolutionary RescueMax. The FireBug skid utilises a highly resilient agricultural grade pump and diesel engine combination and a unique, tri-function dispensing gun for foam & water to create a powerful, robust, hardworking fire fighting system. RescueMax can incorporate a Premix or Foam Induction system to allow the safe and effective use of Foam or other liquid agents. Our nozzle allows you to choose between the WaterMist of Foam option depending on the type and size of the fire.Download the RescueMax Brochure


Target markets include professional users such as game-keeping, amenities, resorts, equestrian centres, leisure, forestry, events management, agriculture, construction, fire authorities, fire brigades, civil defences, military and more. The RescueMax has a front hitch for attachments such as a snow blade or sweeper, opening up the machine use for professional users throughout the seasons.

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