Cost-Saving: FireBug WaterMist Fire Extinguishers

Cost-Saving: FireBug WaterMist Fire Extinguishers: The new FireBug WaterMist fire extinguisher range covers a broader range of fire ratings than the standard water fire extinguishers.  The ground breaking technology by FireBug means that the WaterMist fire extinguishers can be used on deep fat fryer fires and they have passed the 35kV electrical test.  This ensures that the WaterMist fire extinguishers can be safely used on or near electrical equipment. It has EN3 Kitemark approval by BSI in the UK and CE marked.     Where you currently have a fire point that consists of either 1 Water or 1 Foam & 1 Co2 extinguishers the costs of this fire point can be reduced dramatically by replacing them with 1 WaterMist extinguisher.   Water covers class A fires Foam covers class A & B fires Co2 Covers class A & Electric fires WaterMist covers all class fires (A, B, C, E, F)  Other cost saving advantages with FireBug WaterMist are:

  • Proven faster fire knock down time, less fire & smoke damage
  • Easier staff training = 1 extinguisher for all fires
  • No hesitation when quick reaction time is needed as you can guarantee you have the right product
  • Easier and quicker clean up after accidental discharge or malicious use, it’s pure water
  • Little or no collateral damage to equipment or stock
  • Environmentally friendly and safe as only water is used, no chemicals
  • Lighter to lift and carry, Water & Foam weigh 14.5 kilos, WaterMist10.5 kilos
  • Less extinguishers on the wall to clean and check

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