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  • Subaru world record attempt – we have them covered!


    Isle of Man TT races – we’ve got you covered! Subaru & Mark Higgins hold the word record of 117 mph and this next week we are looking for over 120 mph. The car will run during the TT week Sat 4th / Mon 6th / Wed 8th and Fri 10th to be scored by […]

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  • FireBug will be at UKRO 2014


     FireBug Company will be co-exhibiting at this years UKRO, showcasing some exciting new products. We attended last year to support this amazing challenge and are proud to be partnering with Briggs Equipment Ltd for a second year as well as Angloco our newly appointed UK Distributor. UKRO 2014 which will take place at the University […]

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  • Fire fighting with WaterMist for beginners

    fire fighting for beginners

    Fire fighting with WaterMist from a beginners view Unless you are a) a professional fire fighter b) certified fire safety person c) unfortunately had to face a real life fire scenario,  the chances are you wouldn’t know how to fight a fire and would probably run for the nearest exit if faced with this situation. […]

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  • Questions on BacPac portable fire suppression kit


    1. Is the BacPac portable fire suppression kit safe for use on ALL classes of fire? The BacPac is safe for us on all classes of fire including: A, B, C, D*, E, F (*excluding reactive metals such as lithium, magnesium, sodium, potassium etc.) 2. Is this a high-pressure product? No. The BacPac operates at […]

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  • BacPac Refilling Instructions

    BacPac Refilling Instructions

    Please see below FireBug’s BacPac FB33 refilling instructions. Please follow the link to our refill checklist, guide and video demonstrating these important steps. Refilling Video

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  • Angloco and FireBug partnership sets alight the fire and rescue market with quality product and service


    FireBug Company and their range of innovative WaterMist products are gaining substantial interest across UK Fire and Rescue Services. With an ethos of exceptional products and customer service at all times, FireBug has appointed Angloco as their exclusive sales, service and distribution partners to take the roll-out of products to the next level. Angloco designs, […]

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  • BacPac – fire protection at a festival near you this summer!

    RescueMax and BacPac at Glastonbury

    FireBug are proud to have supplied our BacPac product to both Glastonbury music festival and V-Festival this summer.

    Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue services protected Glastonbury and utilised both the BacPac and RescueMax and Staffordshire Fire & Rescue services were responsible for V-Festival and used the BacPac.

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